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The first time I tried Pilates, I fell in love!  Prior to then, I had never finished a workout and felt like I truly did something that was not only hard and challenging, but also beneficial to my well being! I could see myself doing it forever!

I chose to teach Pilates because I felt it was a challenging, creative, and meaningful way to help others see their own potential and to reach theirown fitness goals.

I love building relationships with my clients. Having that trust and respect toward one another as student and teacher, learning their talents, celebrating their successes, and watching them build not only strength, but also their confidence, makes this the most rewarding job for me!

-Tara Hall

"Tara Hall is quite easily one of the greatest motivators I have ever met. She is so obviously a skilled Pilates Instructor, that this would be reason alone to keep coming to her. Her skills go way beyond this. She has such a joyful time instructing her clients that this joy is transmitted at the first lesson to them. She has an uncanny ability to "size up" her clients immediately and tailor their Pilates instruction to what she accurately learns are their goals. Most importantly, however, is her ease and honesty in generating self esteem in her clients. Her clients always feel validated which leads to all of us wanting to return for more, with the common goals of health, fitness, and fun."
-Dr. Harriet Langley


Tara is a certified Pilates Instructor by DK Body through UNLV. She is also certified in BarreAmped and has received a certification from the Cancer Exercise Training Institute. She attended a workshop in classical Pilates that was led by renowned Pilates instructor Siri Dharma Galliano and also attended a Rhythm Pilates workshop led by Pilates instructor Lisa Clayton-Hubbard. Tara leads various Pilates mat, reformer, Barre and BOSU core classes at the studio. She feels that Pilates provides a great avenue to tone and strengthen muscles while also enhancing cardio development and improving overall balance and flexibility. She decided to pursue her certification so that she could share her passion for pilates and help others to achieve their fitness goals. In addition to her love of Pilates, she enjoys working with aerial silk and has two marathons under her belt.

Tara firmly believes that frequent exercise and sound nutritional habits are the keys to looking and feeling good.

We are so blessed to have Tara a part of the Pilates by Kahley team!!