Pilates is a great workout and one that we enjoy being able to do together. Whether you’re focusing on a specific part of your body or looking for a full body workout, Pilates can be designed for it all. Kahley is very knowledgeable and demanding, but supportive in helping you reach your goals.

-Trent and Julie Green
Mat Reformology is the most challenging part of my training camp!
— Jordan Willis, Defensive End, Cincinnati Bengals
In my 30 years in the Pilates industry
I don’t think I’ve seen someone so young have so much
success running their own studio. She truly is remarkable.

-Ken Endelman, Founder and CEO of Balanced Body
Got to thank Kahley for showing me a new way of working out and strengthening my muscles with Pilates. I get a great workout every time. I never would have thought lifting 3 lb weights would be so difficult Lol. Thanks for humbling me, coach. See you next week for another rough one.

-UFC fighter, Bobby Voelker
Kahley’s devotion, grace, heart and discipline guarantees
her success. Her service and quality is what sets her apart

-Siri Dharma Galliano
“Pilates by Kahley has been part of my workout routine for the past four years. Both challenges and rewards continue to be many! Kahley has changed my life so dramatically that I’ve decided to get certified to help others achieve the benefits of the method.”

-Roxanne Ostlie
I was a student for only a short period of time before I knew I wanted to become an instructor and widen my scope of knowledge about the Pilates method. I can confidently say that the DK Body Balance Pilates certification is comprehensive and gives you the tools and confidence to teach clients of any kind. Teaching others the method and being able to share something that I am so passionate about is truly rewarding. I firmly believe that Pilates can change a person’s physical capabilities and their way of life.

-Kelli Croyle

Thank Heavens for the Pilates Center at 127th & Metcalf. From a sad Halloween to a Wonderful Christmas. My story begins in late September when constant and continuing scares with breast cancer lead to this 60-year old Johnson County woman to take the major step of a prophylactic double mastectomy. I wanted the threat gone and some peace back in my life without living in constant fear. Early in October I had my surgery and everything went well. I was now facing some extensive recovery and rehab time. Even before my surgery I was a heavy exerciser and devoted fan of the Pilates Center. My surgery was substantial and my doctor warned me to go slow with reestablishing my
exercise routine.

Through the gracious and skilled help of the personnel at the Pilates Center I was able to reintroduce my changed body to the pleasures of exercise and stretching. The trainers at the Center were excellent in their treatment and care of my wounds, and guided me in developing a program that got my body moving again. Yes. there was pain, but the pleasure of their skilled hands and direction was unbelievable. Now, only two months after my surgery. People marvel at my range of motion and positive outlook I now look forward to the holidays with anticipation. I could not have traveled this path alone. Without the help of the Pilates Center Staff, my range of motion today would be greatly limited. I cannot thank them enough for their skill, dedicadon, compassion and positive support. Please remember the benefits of their expertise do not only come into play after surgery. It works just as well on healthy bodies, and if fact is what I hope to be doing when I am 99 years old. Give them a try - you will not regret the positive enhancement your body will experience.

My special thanks go to Liz, Patty. Kahley and Susan.
They are wonderful.

-A lifetime devotee of the Pilates Center, Meri Schlagel
I started doing Pilates when I was pregnant to ease back pain and stay in shape. Not only did my back pain disappear, it also gave me a huge boost in energy. I’ve continued with pilates since the birth of my baby and I couldn’t be happier with my postpartum body. I’m in better shape than ever!

-Michelle Muench

As far back as the age of 9 my relationship with my body and exercise wasone of punishment criticism, and numbers ... what was my weight? Size of my jeans? How many “laps” around the block was I able to ride on my bike? As I got older and could go to the gym. The questions became about time elapsed on the treadmill or calories burned on the stair climber...and could I do more than in my last workout? Along the way. I was diagnosed with an eating disorder and my exercise was most definitely a big part of my struggle. I used exercise to control my body and to try to make it look like (what I now know to be) an unattainable ideal.

During my 20s and while in recovery from the eating disorder, my relationship with exercise began to shift I was able to focus more on what exercise DID for my body and how it made me feel instead of just on how it might make me look. But it wasn’t until I started practicing pilates at Kahley’s studio that the real change with exercise occurred. I would leave the reformer classes physically exhausted but with this feeling of real accomplishment I loved connecting with my body and learning to utilize specific muscles in completing the exercises. I would leave sessions with Patty or Kahley, and I was amazed at how sore I could be (without punishing my body to the point of collapse) and at how I could see my strength and flexibility increasing. And the best part was that I had NO idea how many calories I was burning, and there was no competition—no numbers to beat-from one session to the next.

Today, pilates remains one of the ways in which I feel best “in” my body. And now. I can also go to the gym and use cardio machines, and pay absolutely no attention to the numbers on screen. For the first time in my life, exercise is about honoring and listening to my body, learning about all the amazing things it can do, and appreciating the ways that exercise can make me feel good. And for me, this is so incredibly freeing.

-Laura Eickman. Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist
When I started taking Pilates from Kahley seven and a half years ago, I was taller, skinnier and had no gray hair. Today, I’m shorter, fatter and quite gray. If not for Kahley, I’d probably be even shorter and fatter, though still just as gray. I’ve learned how to squeeze my glutes, which I now consider to be my superpower. And, I’ve learned to hate the word “reverse” and to love the words “you’re done” and that pain is just weakness leaving the body. Most importantly, Kahley convinced me that I can always do one more which is important in Pilates and even more important in life.

-Joel Goldman
My name is Sandy Stephens and I am 70 years old. Pilates has changed my life. When I walked in the door of Pilates by Kahley, my life changed. My recovery from rotator cuff surgery is miraculous. I have degenerative disc disease, I have strengthen my core so much that I no longer limp......Now I can walk. Pilates has changed my body and mist of all, it has given me back my life.
— Sandy Stephens
Breathing is just one thing everyone does sustaining life, and I mean everyone! Pilates taught me a lot about breathing. I could go on and on about the benefits of Pilates but number one for me was breathing. I have asthma, like the really bad kind where you must know at every minute where is my rescue inhaler. No Pilates did not fix nor cure my asthma, but coupled with the right kind of treatment and purposeful deep breathing, I no longer search nor carry my rescue inhaler. I know it sounds a bit crazy but this deep and forceful breathing several times a week made a big difference. It doesn’t matter if you have asthma, a truly deep breath clears everything. Next time you watch Serena Williams play tennis, listen to her strength with every hit. One of her powerful attributes is her breath. Think and focus on your breathing and I am sure it will intensify your Pilates workout. Try it and remember to breathe. Thank you PILATES BY KAHLEY and everyone of the teachers at this fantastic studio, you do it right!
— Vicki McDonald