FitSprings workouts are an exciting new way to to address the limitations of Pilates equipment while incorporating the principles of Pilates, dance workouts, personal training, interval workouts and physical therapy.


What is it?

FitSprings offers two different elements: resistance & assistance.

●      Assist is to reduce load - involved in exercises that retrain movements that are too hard in everyday activity. 

●      Resist is to increase load - involved in exercises that strengthen the desired muscle groups required for everyday activity and more.


Aside from modification of both resistance and assistance the FitSprings  offers an enhanced bonus of visual feedback. Each frame and all the students are positioned with enough space to clearly see their full body and movements which allows for continual spring feedback and modification independently by the student or verbally by the instructor.   


Weight bearing and standing balance. are functional necessities for daily life and important to retain as we age.  There is a strong focus in each workout to include balance, weight bearing exercises and postural control to teach clients ways to move better throughout their normal day or during workouts.