FitSprings workouts are an exciting new way to to address the limitations of Pilates equipment while incorporating the principles of Pilates, dance workouts, personal training, interval workouts and physical therapy.

6 years ago I came across a video online of Jill Harris demonstrating exercises on the FitSprings. I was instantly intrigued and wanted to train and get certified on this apparatus. After training on the FitSprings, I fell in love and wanted to have it at my studio. The FitSprings Method allows me to take my Pilates practice further. The resistance provides support for my joints while challenging my muscles and giving me an effective full body workout. I’m a believer in this method and Jill Harris is a creative genius!
— Kahley Schiller



What is it?

FitSprings offers two different elements: resistance & assistance.

●      Assist is to reduce load - involved in exercises that retrain movements that are too hard in everyday activity. 

●      Resist is to increase load - involved in exercises that strengthen the desired muscle groups required for everyday activity and more.


Aside from modification of both resistance and assistance the FitSprings  offers an enhanced bonus of visual feedback. Each frame and all the students are positioned with enough space to clearly see their full body and movements which allows for continual spring feedback and modification independently by the student or verbally by the instructor.   


Weight bearing and standing balance. are functional necessities for daily life and important to retain as we age.  There is a strong focus in each workout to include balance, weight bearing exercises and postural control to teach clients ways to move better throughout their normal day or during workouts.

I am a 10 year old dancer, and I go to Kahley’s studio. Kahley has really helped me to be stronger and more focused. She has really helped me to be more confident as I was working towards my goal.

Last year I tried out to be on my dance company’s competition team but didn’t make the team. I knew that I just had to work harder if I wanted to achieve my goal. I started going to Kahley’s in April of this year, and really feel that she has helped me to be more flexible, stronger, and more confident..........and, it’s fun. I look forward to going every week.
I tried out again for the competition team feeling confident that this was my year, and I made the team! I am so excited. I feel that Kahley’s guidance has made a difference for me to be a stronger dancer. Hope to see you at Kahley’s Pilates.
— Jocelyn Henry
I wasn’t sure about the FitSprings when I first saw them but coach Kahley told me they would make a difference for me and for my MMA career, so I did what coach said. FitSprings definitely showed me a new way of training and gave me a new excitement to train. The FitSprings are definitely my new secret weapon. I had no clue the strength, balance, speed, endurance and core that I got from only a half hour workout on them. Best of all is the minimal impact on my bones and joints which allows me to push myself to another level. FitSprings are good for anyone whether it be for a beginner starting to workout or a professional athlete. FitSprings have improved my MMA fight game in a huge way and I cant wait to see how much more improvement they will bring me in the future .
— Bobby Voelker