Instructor Spotlight on Susan Schiller


Instructor Spotlight on the one and only Susan Schiller and studio mama!!️ 

We are blessed to have this multi-talented woman a part of our studio!

Here are some fun facts about Susan. 

⭐️Favorite Pilates exercise.
There are many Pilates exercises I enjoy, and picking one favorite is difficult. However I would say Teaser is the one that tops my list. It takes core strength, balance (which is important at my age), and lengthening of the muscles. Mastering the Teaser is challenging! 

⭐️Favorite restaurant. 
Cupinis Italian Deli

⭐️Favorite book.
The Bible. In my life, there is not a book that has influenced me more than the Bible. It has taught me about faith, Gods grace, wisdom, forgiveness, and most importantly how to trust God. This book is the best seller throughout the world and I can travel anywhere and meet a follower of Christ and we know immediately we are connected because of the word of God. 

⭐️Favorite musician/music group.
I enjoy listening to gospel music. Michael W Smith and Stephen Curtis Chapman to name a few. 

Traveling, reading, and listening to music. 

⭐️Why you love doing and teaching Pilates.
The Pilates Method is designed for everyone of all ages and even those coming out of physical therapy. I love the effect is has on each individual as we work those muscles that have been neglected. If I have encouraged the clients enough to love themselves and their body then I have fulfilled my purpose. Their smile on their face says it all!! 

⭐️Susan is available to teach private Pilates and FitSprings sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. If you would like to book your session with Susan, please call the studio.

Instructor Spotlight on Jenni Waters


🌟Pilates by Kahley June Instructor Spotlight on the very talented and beautiful Jenni Waters 🌟

We are very excited to welcome her to the PbK team!

Here are some fun facts about Jenni

🌟Favorite Pilates exercise and why:

Crack the Walnut: I love all the posture muscle exercises because they help us stand tall and confident! 

🌟Favorite restaurant:

Caffetteria in Prairie Village

🌟Favorite book:

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

🌟Favorite musician/music group:

Jimmy Buffett and J.Cole..I’m all over the place with music 😆 


Dancing, traveling, scuba diving and surfing. 

🌟Why you love doing and teaching Pilates:

It truly changed my body and I can see my progress with strength, and I love that anyone can benefit from Pilates, no matter your age, weight, injury, etc. It’s so versatile and beneficial to everyone. 

Jenni teaches Reformer Classes on Wednesdays at 9:30am, Thursdays at 6:30am & 7:30am. She is also taking on new clients at this time.
If you would like to book with Jenni, call the studio to schedule your appointment. (913)469.0001

Studio Spotlight on Jessica Revelle


I'm honored to feature Jessica Revelle, she is the massage therapist at our studio and one of the best in Kansas City!!

We are blessed to have her a part of the PbK team!

Here are some fun facts about Jessica

⭐️Favorite Pilates class at PbK and why.

I LOVE ❤️ mat reformology! I love the challenge and it is great cross training for my running! 

⭐️Favorite restaurant

I am a HUGE foodie! I don’t think I can name just one favorite haha. Basically anything local: Michael Smith’s, Anton’s, Farmhouse, Ragazza, Teocali, Beer Kitchen, Grinders, Bella Napoli, the list goes on and on! 

⭐️ Favorite book

I am not really a novel reader. Never have been. If I read a book, I’m learning something or trying to better myself: Wheat Belly, Sugar Detox, The 5 Love Languages

⭐️ Favorite musician/music group

As you can tell by now I don’t usually have just one FAVORITE thing lol. I’m a Pisces and everything changes with my mood. I am a BIG music fan! Love all types of live music! Some of my all time favs: Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, ZZ Ward, Beatles, and anything you can dance to! 


This one is easy – RUNNING! Running is my therapy. It’s a must in my life. I also love to cook! 

⭐️Why I love doing massage

Every job I have ever had I “fix” things. I worked at Sprint for 11yrs and worked on software, servers, technical issues. With massage, I’m really still troubleshooting only now the body is my computer. I am very intrigued with body mechanics and how the body works. It amazes me every day. And if I can figure something out and help someone feel better or perform at a higher level, it’s the best gratification ever! 

⭐️Hours I’m available for massage
My hours are Mon-Thurs 930a-7p, Fri 9a-4p, and some Saturdays
If you would like to schedule a massage with Jessica you can do online scheduling or email.
My email:
My online scheduling: