I have some exciting news to announce and what better time to start blogging again!!

With that said...............................

We are pregnant!!

 The moment Izzy and Mason found out the exciting news!!

The moment Izzy and Mason found out the exciting news!!


I’m currently 19 weeks and have so many thoughts and emotions running through my mind. So far this journey has had its ups and downs from fighting extreme fatigue (as to be expected) to testing positive with influenza b, which my friends, is NO JOKE!!

The role of being a mother to an infant again has brought many mixed emotions from: joy, fear, and uncertainty, to how the heck am I going to do this again--all while continuing to run a successful business that requires my physical presence 6 days a week!..............Whew!!!!!!

I’m not going to sugar coat anything here, and be completely honest. The pregnancy experience is not exactly my favorite thing! Don't get me wrong- I love the idea of having another little one around, and know that this is an absolute beautiful miracle! I am very, very grateful!  We have truly been blessed already with two happy and healthy children. Our little man, Mason has brought us more happiness and joy than we could ever imagine!  I also have been blessed with a beautiful, sweet, and kind step daughter Izzy, who loves her family unconditionally! 

 Mason kissing my belly, excited about a baby sister or brother!

Mason kissing my belly, excited about a baby sister or brother!

Being pregnant can be a challenge for me, both physically and mentally.  From gaining weight to going to doctors appointments, where there is so much uncertainty associated with each visit and test- it all brings me anxiety.

Guilt and perfectionism are other things that challenge me in my daily life. While being pregnant, and a mom, these challenges are often amplified.

As a mom you want to give your child the absolute best opportunity you can in this world.  With that said- moms you are not alone! Being both a mom and mom-to-be can be scary!

Please allow yourself to feel that you are amazing and doing an outstanding job!

I have to remind myself of that often and Jake does a great job reminding me of this as well! Ultimately we really have no control of what happens and all we can do is exactly what we are doing.

Be present in our children's lives, educate them, be kind, show them that we care, and most importantly love them unconditionally!

I can honestly tell you my faith becomes even stronger as I rely more on God to trust that all will work out-according to his plan.


I can say without hesitation that we are truly excited and know this is an amazing miracle!  I'm even more excited to share this journey with you!!


Love always,





New Year, New Me........right?

"It's 2016, the year for me to be the best me!!  Have the best body, climb the ladder to success, be the best mom and partner and accomplish everything I couldn't get to in 2015!"

That's what we're supposed to think, right, but why? Why can't we reflect on all the good things that happened last year and celebrate on how amazing our lives are? Why do we feel the need to do more, be more, have more, etc?

I'm not going to lie, When Jake and I sat down to dinner last night I pulled out my notebook to write down my new goals for the new year.  while I strongly believe in writing down my goals, I was doing it because it would soon be 2016.

Instead, we reflected on what a great year 2015 had been! New baby, new home, etc. none of which had been the goals at the start of the year.  Yet they still happened and were even more fantastic than what could have been put to paper on New Years Eve 2014.

The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it’s all that matters.

— Audrey Hepburn

So here is the objective of this blog.  Instead of beating yourself up about where you think your life should be, celebrate exactly where you are.  Life is short, make each moment count, be thankful and most importantly choose happiness!!

  From my family to yours Happy New Year!!  Enjoy each day!

From my family to yours Happy New Year!!  Enjoy each day!




An Answered Prayer


To say that Kahley answered a prayer is not a stretch from the truth.  The second I saw her Facebook post about wanting to help someone with a free month of Pilates work-outs my stomach literally fluttered.  It may sound dramatic but if you have ever been in a season of life where you have literally given so much of yourself to others that you have left your own self-care in the dust for multiple years you would probably understand that feeling.  "This is it" was all I kept saying to myself and quickly responded to Kahley to put my name in the hat.  And every day that passed until her choice was announced, I literally prayed that if I was chosen I would take full advantage of the opportunity and really use it to turn over a new page and really start carving out some time for me so that I can be better for others around me.  And what do you know, Kahley answered that prayer, as I eluded to at the beginning.  Here I am, the most inflexible, out of shape person I know about to take on what is really one of the most beautiful work-out regimens I've seen.  From the first day I could see why it was so different than any other methods I've tried in the past.  Every muscle hurt, but it wasn't a "I hate life" hurt, it was more like a "I'm finally using these muscles again and it feels good" hurt.  So for four days a week I groaned and grimaced and asked Kahley to back off, wait, hold on, give me a break.  None of which she did, because she knew I had more in me than I knew I had.  I felt stronger, more flexible, even stood taller iT felt like.  By the end of the month I got two wonderful compliments from my husband that my face looked slimmer and my booty looked higher...never a bad thing in my book. 

Now comes the time for my confession...did I use this opportunity to its full extent and REALLY make the choices necessary to see big results in a month's time?  Sadly, the answer is no.  My diet really is where the overhaul needs to be made, along with carving out an hour for myself a few days a week to really work on inner and physical strength.  It all works together and the quote I kept hearing from Kahley is "it's not an option for me".  NOT working out is not an option.  NOT eating meals that nourish the body is not an option.  This is the mindset that I took away after my month came to an end and that is what I hope to continue to use as my motivation moving forward.  This was not a one month then go back to the way things were kind of experience for me.  I have no intention of staying in that season.  With a little more help and motivation, I truly believe I can regain confidence in my abilities, my appearance, and my overall wellness.  So my story is to be continued but this experience will never be forgotten.  From one incredibly gracious receiver of another's kindness to the one who offered a new beginning, Kahley, I am truly thankful for our time spent together and will use your drive and passion for helping others, as well as taking care of yourself, as the motivation I need to continue with this journey.  Thank you is not enough but is all I have!


Be well and happy holidays!




Your spirit, energy and desire to work hard inspired me every time we worked together!  It was my honor to have had the opportunity to work with you and I KNOW YOU HAVE EXACTLY WHAT IT TAKES TO REACH YOUR GOALS!!  We all have everything we need inside of us, you just have to want the change bad enough, make today the day and go for it!  I believe in you and am here for you every step of the way!!