What is passion? According to the American Heritage Dictionary, it can be defined as a powerful emotion or appetite, such as love or anger. To me, passion is the enthusiasm and deep, burning desire one transpires. It is the key ingredient needed to create and accomplish one’s vision. It is what inspires us as individuals to live and make the very most of what we have to give. My success began with a passion, a passion for people. I envisioned a place that would inspire and fill individuals with a sense of self-worth and renewed confidence.

As a young adolescent, I struggled with the ongoing battle of wanting to be thin. I was a dancer, constantly having to look at myself in the mirror, unhappy with the reflection looking back at me. My negative self-image followed me into my late teens and then into my mid-20s. I realized that the battle was a mental challenge, one that could be conquered each day in the choices I make. I can either choose to give in or run from the temptation that seems to know me. In my experience, God always has provided me with a way out and it is up to me to take that path. To gain this strength. I had to fill myself up with faith, positive words and determination.

I had one big dream in mind and I knew, to achieve it, I was going to have to fight my battle. I decided to move all alone, not knowing one soul, to Las Vegas, Nevada. There, I would attend school and pursue my dream to dance. Unfortunately, my body disagreed with my plans. I suffered from chronic knee pain and was advised to have surgery on both knees. It was then that I discovered Pilates. I began rehabilitating my knees through this method and fell in love with the theory. The results that Pilates gave me were absolutely amazing; I had no more pain!

I began working under the direction of Dolly Kelepecz, who certified me through D.K. Body Balancing and the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  I became an instructor at UNLV, teaching dance majors the Pilates method. I also taught at Dolly's studio and other fitness facilities. In 2004 I had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo, Japan to oversee the operations of Dolly's newest studio location. Through this experience and exposure to the Pilates world, I gained the confidence to open my own studio. In August 2005 Pilates by Kahley, a 1,400 square foot studio, opened in Kansas City. I was the only instructor teaching both mat and full equipment classes. At the age of 25, I was realizing my dream.

With a schedule of daily classes, Pilates by Kahley quickly grew to 10 instructors, 2,600 square feet and over 300 clients. At my studio, we share the goal of helping people discover or rediscover the beauty that lies within. It is so easy to focus on outward appearances, because the world praises us for that, but I can assure you that looking amazing on the outside doesn't mean anything if you feel dead inside. My team teaches the tools to regain self control, discipline, balance, inner peace and true beauty.

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We all have a place, a purpose on this earth, and it is up to us as individuals to fulfill that plan. I have learned that you will never feel complete until you have taken the risk to discover what you are truly capable of achieving. I can assure you that there is no greater peace than that of reaching the dream, goal, and vision you set out to achieve. Someone once told me that everything in life belongs to the conversation of your heart and when you choose to really listen, it can never steer you wrong. I have adopted this philosophy as a guide in life. Enthusiastically, I wake up each morning with the goal of helping my students gain physical, emotional and mental strength, and to listen to the conversation in their hearts.




- Certified Pilates Instructor and owner of Pilates by Kahley

- Senior Master Teacher-Trainer for DK Body Certification UNLV

- Certified BarreAmped, Fire and Boot Camp Instructor

- Dance Instructor

- AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor

- AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

- Certified Instructor in the FitSprings Method

Kahley has studied dance since the age of 10. At the age of 14. she began teaching dance and continued the study throughout college. She received her Pilates mat and equipment certification through the University of Nevada. Las Vegas and DK Body. In addition, she is also a certified aerobics and personal trainer through Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and certified in the BarreAmped method. Kahley started working in the fitness industry in 2000.

Kahley has instructed at 24 hour fitness, La Femme, Pilates by Dolly and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Kahley has had the privilege to work with numerous clientele ranging from professional athletes, dancers, physical therapy patients, and those suffering with life threatening diseases, to people desiring to reach their personal goals.

She traveled to Tokyo, Japan to assist in the opening and operation of the newest Pilates studio by DK Body. Kahley has been featured in Japan's travel magazine 'Hare-Yoho'. showcasing Las Vegas. NV. She has worked with the cast members of the signature show Le Reve by director Franco Dragone at the Wynn Las Vegas. She has judged for the Cheertec & Dancetec National Championship competition held in Las Vegas, NV at the MGM Grand. Kahley helped create and organize UNLV and the DK Body Balance Method's participation at the 2005 National IDEA Convention in Las Vegas. Nevada.

She attended the 2006 InnerlDEA conference working with some of the most highly respected studio owners such as Kathy Corey, Siri Galliano, Elizabeth Larkam, and Christine Romani-Ruby. She also participated again in the 2007 National IDEA Convention. She has also worked with the Balance Body team as a demonstrator and model at various trade shows. In 2008 Kahley hosted an Intensive Pilates Workshop with Master Trainer Siri Galliano. In 2009 Kahley attended Pilates Intensive in Big Bear, California, working with world- wide recognized teachers such as first generation Pilates teacher Jay Grimes, Dorothee VandeWalle and Kathryn Ross-Nash. In 2011 Kahley hosted a Rhythm Pilates Workshop by Lisa Hubbard at Pilates by Kahley. Kahley created a Pilates Mat and Reformer workout that was released onto DVD in 2012.

In October 2012 she traveled to Tokyo, Japan and taught a Boot Camp Pilates Workshop with the DK Body International team. In 2013 traveled back to Japan to teach Pilates workshops in 7 different cities throughout the country. Kahley was chosen to be on the cover of the May/June 2013 issue of Pilates Style magazine. She is also the 2013 Ms. Kansas United States. Kahley has had the opportunity to train with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson in 2015.  In 2017 she traveled to San Francisco and got certified under Jill Harris and her FitSprings Method which is now offered at Pilates by Kahley.  

Kahley works closely with the REbeL Peer Education non-profit organization which empowers our youth to overcome body issues and created the Be You Bash in Kansas City which now has raised over $150,000 the last 4 years. Kahley is excited about bringing Pilates to Kansas City. She is passionate about teaching you this life changing method. Her mission is to provide you with your own path to self-discovery and new-found health. You will experience more energy, flexibility, tone, confidence, core strength, and better posture, with overall results that will amaze you.



Jenni has a Bachelor of Performing Arts in Dance Performance from Oklahoma City University and has taught dance to all ages for many years.  She was a Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader and interned at Broadway Dance Center in NYC.

 Jenni discovered Pilates while living in NYC, where she had the opportunity to take all over the city at various studios.  She loved the way Pilates changed her body and built strength, and she fell in love with it! Pilates also helped Jenni rehabilitate a torn hamstring and build strength as a dancer.  Jenni decided to pursue her certification through the University of Nevada Las Vegas and the DK Body Method because she thoroughly loves what Pilates has done in her life and can't wait to share that passion to help others reach their goals.



Tara is a certified Pilates Instructor by DK Body through UNLV. She is also certified in BarreAmped and has received a certification from the Cancer Exercise Training Institute. She attended a workshop in classical Pilates that was led by renowned Pilates instructor Siri Dharma Galliano and also attended a Rhythm Pilates workshop led by Pilates instructor Lisa Clayton-Hubbard. Tara leads various Pilates mat, reformer, Barre and BOSU core classes at the studio.

She feels that Pilates provides a great avenue to tone and strengthen muscles while also enhancing cardio development and improving overall balance and flexibility. She decided to pursue her certification so that she could share her passion for pilates and help others to achieve their fitness goals. In addition to her love of Pilates, she enjoys working with aerial silk and has two marathons under her belt.Tara firmly believes that frequent exercise and sound nutritional habits are the keys to looking and feeling good.



Amy was first introduced to Pilates at the University of Kansas where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a degree in Dance. She was a Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader for 6 seasons. While cheering for the Chiefs she was a captain for 4 seasons, 2006 Pro Bowl Cheerleader and had the opportunity to travel to military bases all over the world while performing in USO tours. After “retiring” from cheering, Amy decided to follow through with her passion for Pilates.

She is certified in Pilates Mat through Personal Best Pilates Academy and reformer through the University of Nevada Las Vegas, D.K. Body Balancing Method. Amy loves the strength, flexibility and overall mental awareness that a great Pilates workout provides. She incorporates her knowledge of dance into her Pilates practice to provide a one of a kind experience. Seeing her clients set and achieve their goals, while learning proper form and alignment, is what motivates her as an instructor. 



- Manager, Pilates by Kahley

- Certified Pilates Instructor

- "Grandma Susu" to the children in child care

Susan credits her daughter, Kahley Schiller, for introducing her to Pilates. Kahley was living in Las Vegas, teaching dance and Pilates, when she called Susan one day saying she wanted to open a Pilates' studio in Overland Park and asked her for help.  A self-proclaimed "doer" who gets things done, Susan went into action. She found a building, worked with contractors to retrofit the space for Pilates.  A sign in front of the building saying "Pilates' Classes Coming Soon" was the ONLY marketing effort at that time.  Apparently it worked as people were lined up the first day.

That was in 2005.  Pilates by Kahley was the second Pilates studio in Kansas City.  Susan earned her Pilates' certification in 2008 through the University of Nevada Las Vegas and DK Body Balancing Method.  Her private clients range from in age from theirs 50's to 80's.  Many of them come to Pilates following physical therapy.  As the studio's manager, Susan works the front desk, oversees marketing for the studio and looks after the children while their parents are in class.  The children affectionately call her "Grandma Susu."

She also enjoys time with her grandson.  Mason, who comes to the studio with Kahley most days.Susan first practiced Pilates when she was 52, a testimony that Pilates is for everyone, despite their age, shape or ability.  She calls it a beautiful more confident and gain sense of accomplishment after taking a few classes.  She notes that clients realize these benefits of Pilates.

*Tones muscles*Improves posture and flexibility*Builds endurance throughout the body*Lengthens muscles and balances the body.*Strengthens the smaller muscles so larger muscles do not have to do all of the work.*Relieves stress.*Allows the body to be stronger and more supple.*Connects the mind, body and spirit-called Contrology, or controlled movement.

When Susan is not working at the studio, she sells Christian Dior fragrances and Nu Skin personal care products. 


Kathy Boucher

“The desire and passion to not only teach, but to listen and be honored to be a part of another’s personal growth is one of the greatest blessings in my life.”

“I consider myself in a constant state of learning for those that I serve.  That is why one of the greatest joys in my life has been discovering Pilates and learning from Kahley.  My excitement for the possibilities Pilates can bring to my own life and others is immeasurable! “

“My personal struggle with Rheumatoid Arthritis and two hip replacements has and is a JOY JOURNEY because it taught me that my setback WAS and IS my comeback!  I transfer that personal knowledge to my clients as we are ALL struggling with our own “things” and pilates offers not only hope but DELIVERS RESULTS inside and out! 

-practicing health and fitness for over 30 years
-Pilates mat and reformer, DK Body through UNLV
-Bachelor’s degree Kansas University
-Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Training
-holds the following NASM certifications: Fitness nutrition; Neuromuscular Stretching; cardio respiratory training; integrated core training;integrated balance training; optimum performance training for youth and seniors
-Team in Training, Lukemia Society, Alaskan Marathon
-Triathlon experience 


Lacey Gasaway

Lacey began her pilates journey through her love of dance. She has been dancing since she was 4 years old, and continued dancing competitively throughout her youth and high school years. She taught hip hop and Pound Fit at the Kansas State University Recreation Center, and more recently at City in Motion Dance Theatre in Kansas City.

Lacey found pilates after she fractured her spine during gymnastics in high school. She learned that it could help eliminate the pain and allow her to build up strength in her core and entire body. Lacey loves how pilates incorporates stretching into every workout, and helps heal; while simultaneously strengthening and aligning the body. Lacey also teaches boxing classes to people with Parkinson’s at Rock Steady Boxing KC at In Your Corner Fitness in Leawood. She has found that pilates is a great addition to her boxing classes to conquer the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Lacey is also a student at Avila University and hopes to graduate within the next year with her Kinesiology degree. Lacey has been studying at Pilates by Kahley for the past 2 years and is always amazed at how much she learns each day. She cannot wait to seek more knowledge as an instructor at Pilates by Kahley!