In the Waiting Line

The word says
For the spirit of heaviness
Put on the garment of praise
That’s how we fight our battles

I was apprehensive about documenting my journey through this experience but then thought my story and purpose in life is to always help others. I hope my story finds you Hope, Joy, Love, and most importantly PEACE. I haven’t felt this peaceful in my life in a very long time. We as a society get so caught up in our daily routine that we forget what’s important, from the moment we rise rushing through each day until we rest. I was the best example of that. I lost sight of the gorgeous surroundings this beautiful earth has to offer.


As most of you know, I started having symptoms of nausea in August that quickly progressed to fatigue. I went to the walk in clinic at my doctors and after receiving the results from my blood work was told to go to the ER. From there, I was taken to the ICU at KU MED. They quickly did more tests and a liver biopsy finding that I have an autoimmune disease that caused acute liver failure (end stage). I completed all of the tests at KU MED to be put on the list to receive a full liver transplant. Now as I’m “in the waiting line” to receive a liver it could be a matter of minutes to weeks to receive.

My hopes are high, my spirits are up, but I’m not going to lie and say I’m not scared. I’m scared and sometimes numb and I’m ok with that. God, my family, friends, studio family, and so many other amazing people I haven’t met and look forward to meeting have made my heart full and joyful! The generous outpour of love and kindness is remarkable! The good in this world far outweighs the bad! The kindness and unselfish acts far outreaches the evil!


I will continue to update when I can and more importantly encourage you to take care of you! No judgment here, just want to address the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s overall great for our mental and physical ability to get through small and large bumps that may come through all of our journeys in life!

Thank you, thank you, graciously thank you!!!!
I love you all! I look forward to seeing you all after I get through this journey!️️️